Battling with the reality that we have a daughter with a rare illness, that at times was so similar to her elder brother’s was frightening. Discovering she had a rare tumour, was quite confronting. But the fact was we as parents were going through this all over again.

Hospitals are places you visit other people, we had spent the best part of Luke’s last year on this earth in hospital and we really didn’t want to be there again.

But despite this, the staff at the WCH were unbelievable…I am talking about the nurses, doctors and support staff. I felt at times that someone was looking after or maybe over us. Bumping into nurses that had looked after Luke in the oncology ward over a decade ago wasn’t easy, it was spooky but also re-assuring if that makes sense.

At the time, you don’t really think you just act, and we knew that this hospital was the best place for Tayla, they also knew our history. We as parents just wanted to find out what we were dealing with and so did Tayla.

One of the first people I made contact with after our families and close friends was Sara. She looked after Luke palliatively whilst his cancer was terminal.

We appreciated her support throughout those first few years after Luke and Cody’s deaths. Although incredibly busy with her role as Unit Head of the Paediatric Palliative Care Unit, she still had time to keep in touch.

A person I have alot of admiration and respect for on a personal and professional level, she is also acknowledged in my book.

A current winner of the 12th Annual Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards in 2012, well it’s know wonder.

I am sure I am speaking on behalf of so many families that have had the privilege of meeting and witnessing her incredible compassion as a nurse.
She is nothing short of a phenomenon.

Ethereal-like quality
surpasses all humanity.
Unparalleled clarity
transcends immortality.


2 thoughts on “Toodles

  1. so very true are the words you speak of Sara, the woman I wish we never had to meet, but as we found out she is an Angel that walks among us, and we too are very grateful she cared for our Mason. We are so very honoured to be supporting her and the pal care team, for all the care they provide to many families around SA. Many dont realise how hard their job is, the Pal care team is amazing.

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