Gillard Govt slashes federal funding for palliative care services

This makes my blood boil…I don’t like to get caught up in politics but on this occassion I need to vent! Thanks to The Gillard Govt who have literally slashed funding of $1.6 billion to public hospital services this financial year. The $500 million worth of funding to the Palliative Care Program is due to expire at the end of June. Do these pollies have any idea just how this will affect families & more importantly patients. We are an ageing population, these services are a necessity, just remember there are children that also have terminal illnesses & need support through these services and organisations….what a bloody disgrace!

As a bereaved parent/carer, I know I speak for literally thousands of families that would be lost without these services.

What do you think, do you have a family member currently receiving palliative care, and how would you manage without this fundamental right as a human, to die with dignity and with the right support and services in place?



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