Turning 30

Erin is a mom, wife and avid writer and was diagnosed with Carney Triad at just 27 years of age. Here is her perspective on turning 30…

The Cancer Aspect



A good friend of mine asked me what it felt like to turn 30. This is what I wrote:

30 Years…

Time is such a fickle thing. We rush around doing our daily routines often wishing there were more hours to the day. In the same breath, we wish the week would hurry up so that we can enjoy a weekend or get a paycheck all the sooner.  As children, we wish to be older to enjoy the adult things. As adults, we wish that we were yet children to enjoy the child-like things. So when I faced my 30th birthday – all but seven months ago – I looked back on past chapters of my life and pondered on what time has given me thus far.

I first made the mistake of comparing myself to friends that were also 30. At a glance, they seemed to have…

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