Neuroendocrine – what’s that?

Another great post by NET Cancer patient Ronny Allan -Neuroendocrine- what’s that?

Ronny Allan - Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer


Earlier this week, I met some fellow cancer fighters and the conversation turned to what inspired us to ‘do what we do’. When it came to my turn, I was already prepared to regurgitate my usual ‘spiel’. As sometimes happens, a listener queried me with the words “Neuroendocrine – what’s that?“.  Another focussed on ‘Neuro‘ enquiring whether my nervous system had somehow become cancerous.  Deja vu – here we go again!

Two days later, I was speaking to one of my on-line friends who was having similar problems explaining this cancer to family and friends. Again ‘Neuro‘ was proving difficult with the assumption that it’s somehow related to the brain. Technically not far from the truth but context is really important given that most people look at cancer in anatomical terms.

I’ve struggled over the past 5 years to explain this disease in layperson terms. It’s actually one of…

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