It’s a small world really especially when you can reach an audience in another country via social media. Last week I stumbled upon 60 year old Steve Taylor aka Von Schiehallion, the LifeCycle man.

Steve opens his blog with the following:

“The NCCA UK helps families affected by the childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. In most cases neuroblastoma is only diagnosed when it has already progressed to a late ‘high risk’ stage.  Even when children are tested clear of neuroblastoma after initial hospital treatment, a high percentage of children with high risk neuroblastoma will relapse and some children will not respond to therapy.

LifeCycle is an extraordinarily difficult challenge meeting an extraordinarily difficult disease head on.

Here’s the deal: The circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,902 miles. The LifeCycle target is 25,000 miles of commuting to and from work in 4 years. That’s the same as cycling from London to Manchester every week: but there’s also a thousand feet of climbing in each direction. That’s equivalent to climbing Ben Nevis twice a week on a bike. The route passes by Europe’s biggest onshore windfarm at Whitelee. There’s a windfarm on the Eaglesham Moor for a very good reason… And as if all that wasn’t enough, I was 60 when I started, and just over four years from retirement. The only way to complete this challenge is to never give up”.

Unfortunately our son was one of those high risk cases, and he did not survive. But almost two decades on and so much has changed in regards to treatment, clinical trials and awareness.

So I wish Steve all the very best on his journey to complete his goal, so far he has managed 14, 837 miles. He has a fundraising page you can take a look here and his blog and you can follow him on twitter


the meaning of life is to find your gift


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