I am married to my husband of 24 years, as well as having two beautiful girls who light up our lives. I am also a bereaved mother of two special angels.

In 1997 our first born son Luke (13 mo) was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer. Whilst he underwent treatment I fell pregnant.

Sadly at 26 weeks I suffered a stillbirth, our lives were shattered, we named our baby, Cody Alan. Then three months later our precious son lost his brave battle at just two years of age. Our world came crumbling down…

In 2012, our eldest daughter Tayla (12) was diagnosed with a rare disease – a type of neuroendocrine tumour called a paraganglioma. Many months later it was discovered it was genetic.

I am continually inspired by the amazing strength and courage shown by other people as they overcome obstacles in their lives.

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  1. I am so sorry for your losses. I can tell you that in 1992, I lost my five-year-old son. Years later when I started a blog, I wrote about my grief. It ultimately led to my healing. It helped so much to express myself and I learned so much. Good luck with your blog. You will certainly help others by sharing. Luke and Cody are always with you.

      • I when hearing “time heals” upset me. Time was excruciating and it never seemed possible that the pain would ever leave. I consider time “anesthesia for the gut-wrenching pain.” The memories aren’t has sharp and that helps.
        But I do believe that grief can leave. It took a long time for me – but it finally left. It is a whisper that reminds me of how blessed I am. I finally healed. The pain is never forgotten, but I can remember my son without feeling torture! I can smile again!

      • I agree in part, “time heals” is a cliche. I never thought time would ever heal my grief but it did. It did subside over time, but even 14 yrs on, there are still times when it still hurts, but its not as severe!
        Thanks for sharing Judy, and you do learn alot about yourself. Especially the courage and strength it takes to get through the minutes, hours, months and years!

  2. Oh Jack what a wonderful and inspirational thing to do. You guys have been through so much, more than anyone should go through. I look forward to the release of your book. Good to see you the other night. Love Larissa x

  3. Words written are a salvation… Be they on hope, loss, love or all in between.It’s about you, YOUR words, and how you know best to grasp onto that dimming light…..
    From that dark place, your light is brighter.. You can loosen your grip a little… If you want to…xxxxx MUCH LOVE xxxxx

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