The Soul Project

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The Soul Project  will be a collection of stories and poems written by other bereaved parents that have also suffered the loss of a child through illness, stillbirth, neonatal loss and early pregnancy loss.This will culminate in the Women’s and Children’s Paediatric Palliative Care Service (PPCS) 15th year of service. This book needs contributors for it to go ahead.

I will be on the look out for Beta Readers and other input for the book as well. The title of the book is yet to be decided.

*NB This book will be focusing on bereaved parents whose children have been patients or the families have received support from the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide.

If you would like to find out more please sign up below to keep in the loop. Or you can email me direct for more information on the submission process.


Book signing at Collins Booksellers Edwardstown

After a successful book launch two weeks ago, I have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback on my first book ‘Through A Mother’s Eyes’. My first book signing at http://www.collinsbooksellersedwardstown was also a great day. A nice crowd of people attended where 51 copies of my book were sold. I had set myself a target of selling 50 copies so that was amazing. Thank you to all my friends and family for your support, it means a lot!

I was approached by a lady whom had suffered a stillbirth many years ago, I would estimate she would be in her 50’s. Her daughter-in-law also suffered the same fate recently, and it is to these people I hope my story offers hope. We agreed that the pain is still there, and the grief in essence never leaves. It just slowly subsides, the easiest way to explain it is to liken it to the ocean. In the beginning it is quite fierce, as the waves pound and threaten to engulf you, and almost swallow you up! But as time goes on, it can also be a gentle rolling and rocking rhythm, as it almost seems to tease you, and lull you into a false sense of security. The storm may have passed but the remnants of the aftermath are still present.

Here are a few comments on my book so far:

I couldn’t put your book down! It is a beautifully written and presented book, that belongs on every bookshelf. You truly are inspirational! While no-one I know has been what you have been through, the way you have shared your thoughts and feelings so honestly and openly, I feel everyone can relate to it, on some level. You are an amazing lady!! xx
Thank you for this beautiful, sad and loving journey, your courage, strength and love is truly an inspiration to all and should be taken into everyday of our lives. You should be so proud of yourself as I am sure your two little angels in heaven are xxxx


Book Launch

Well what a great day it was held on Saturday 23rd March an intimate group of 45 guests attended which included close family and friends. Approximately 45 copies of my book were sold on the day. I had several people approach me and say that although they knew of our circumstances, they really weren’t aware of just how difficult a time we had (my husband and I). Yes it has been a battle, and certainly our eldest daughters condition had certainly thrown us.

You become stronger, perhaps more resilient, but also learn to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. You feel like hell yeah, I am sure we must have been bad people in a previous life, is this karma? I really don’t know, but for the sake of our kids and our own sanity, you need to find some meaning, some hope that things will work out in the end. Okay we aren’t dealing with a situation like we were with our sons, but it sure as hell is a kick in the guts!

A quote I wrote in my book I think sums this up:

‘Some people seem to undergo their fair share of hardship and adversity in their lifetimes; so really there are just two options, to give up or to just get on with it.’


Battling with the reality that we have a daughter with a rare illness, that at times was so similar to her elder brother’s was frightening. Discovering she had a rare tumour, was quite confronting. But the fact was we as parents were going through this all over again.

Hospitals are places you visit other people, we had spent the best part of Luke’s last year on this earth in hospital and we really didn’t want to be there again.

But despite this, the staff at the WCH were unbelievable…I am talking about the nurses, doctors and support staff. I felt at times that someone was looking after or maybe over us. Bumping into nurses that had looked after Luke in the oncology ward over a decade ago wasn’t easy, it was spooky but also re-assuring if that makes sense.

At the time, you don’t really think you just act, and we knew that this hospital was the best place for Tayla, they also knew our history. We as parents just wanted to find out what we were dealing with and so did Tayla.

One of the first people I made contact with after our families and close friends was Sara. She looked after Luke palliatively whilst his cancer was terminal.

We appreciated her support throughout those first few years after Luke and Cody’s deaths. Although incredibly busy with her role as Unit Head of the Paediatric Palliative Care Unit, she still had time to keep in touch.

A person I have alot of admiration and respect for on a personal and professional level, she is also acknowledged in my book.

A current winner of the 12th Annual Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards in 2012, well it’s know wonder.

I am sure I am speaking on behalf of so many families that have had the privilege of meeting and witnessing her incredible compassion as a nurse.
She is nothing short of a phenomenon.

Ethereal-like quality
surpasses all humanity.
Unparalleled clarity
transcends immortality.

The Beginning

Well, finally I have started my own blog, for a number of reasons.

  • To write about my journey as a bereaved mother.
  • To create awareness about many rare diseases,of which my daughter has been recently diagnosed with.
  • To provide information and resources on some amazing bereaved families.
  • To also share stories about other incredibly gifted people I have been privileged to know.
  • To also shamelessly plug a new book I am writing.