Book Launch

Well what a great day it was held on Saturday 23rd March an intimate group of 45 guests attended which included close family and friends. Approximately 45 copies of my book were sold on the day. I had several people approach me and say that although they knew of our circumstances, they really weren’t aware of just how difficult a time we had (my husband and I). Yes it has been a battle, and certainly our eldest daughters condition had certainly thrown us.

You become stronger, perhaps more resilient, but also learn to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. You feel like hell yeah, I am sure we must have been bad people in a previous life, is this karma? I really don’t know, but for the sake of our kids and our own sanity, you need to find some meaning, some hope that things will work out in the end. Okay we aren’t dealing with a situation like we were with our sons, but it sure as hell is a kick in the guts!

A quote I wrote in my book I think sums this up:

‘Some people seem to undergo their fair share of hardship and adversity in their lifetimes; so really there are just two options, to give up or to just get on with it.’