Shattering the silence on stillbirth

Return to Zero is a new feature film produced by Sean Hanish (writer/director/producer) and is based on his own experience of stillbirth after his wife lost their baby son in 2005. The story centres around a successful couple whose baby dies just weeks before the due date.

The movie’s cast includes Minnie Driver, as mum Maggie, and dad Aaron is played by Paul Adelstein. In the US alone over 36,000 stillbirths occur each year, and it seems according to Hanish its time to break the silence on stillbirth! Currently it has been shown at movie festivals and Hanish is currently looking for a distributor for the film.

A strong presence via social media including twitter and facebook is spreading a strong message to Hollywood. Through it’s Local Leaders around the world this movie indeed is the platform and there is an audience ready to support and view it.

For more information on the film click on the link below:


*As reported in 2011 via more than 2000 stillbirths occur in Australia every year and the rate is more than 50 per cent higher for indigenous Australians than non-indigenous, latest research shows.

Around the world between 2.1 to 3.6 million stillbirths occur every year, 98 per cent of them in developing countries. There are more stillbirths than children killed by AIDS and malaria combined.

Book signing at Collins Booksellers Edwardstown

After a successful book launch two weeks ago, I have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback on my first book ‘Through A Mother’s Eyes’. My first book signing at http://www.collinsbooksellersedwardstown was also a great day. A nice crowd of people attended where 51 copies of my book were sold. I had set myself a target of selling 50 copies so that was amazing. Thank you to all my friends and family for your support, it means a lot!

I was approached by a lady whom had suffered a stillbirth many years ago, I would estimate she would be in her 50’s. Her daughter-in-law also suffered the same fate recently, and it is to these people I hope my story offers hope. We agreed that the pain is still there, and the grief in essence never leaves. It just slowly subsides, the easiest way to explain it is to liken it to the ocean. In the beginning it is quite fierce, as the waves pound and threaten to engulf you, and almost swallow you up! But as time goes on, it can also be a gentle rolling and rocking rhythm, as it almost seems to tease you, and lull you into a false sense of security. The storm may have passed but the remnants of the aftermath are still present.

Here are a few comments on my book so far:

I couldn’t put your book down! It is a beautifully written and presented book, that belongs on every bookshelf. You truly are inspirational! While no-one I know has been what you have been through, the way you have shared your thoughts and feelings so honestly and openly, I feel everyone can relate to it, on some level. You are an amazing lady!! xx
Thank you for this beautiful, sad and loving journey, your courage, strength and love is truly an inspiration to all and should be taken into everyday of our lives. You should be so proud of yourself as I am sure your two little angels in heaven are xxxx



I fell pregnant during Luke’s treatment in 1998. It was a normal pregnancy, but having a sick son to deal with certainly kept me occupied.

It was during my second trimester, that things went pear-shaped. Luke was undergoing some tests at the hospital, when I mentioned to his nurses that I hadn’t felt any movement!

They sent me off for an ultrasound and I was shocked by the news. Our baby had no heart beat…I had suffered a stillbirth at 26 weeks gestation.

Unfortunately I needed to be induced so that I could go through labour and deliver the baby.

My obstetrician was able to induce me at the hospital and some hours later on 02/09/1998…Cody Alan came into and subsequently left this earth.

There was no fanfare, just alot of sadness and grief that out little son never had the opportunity to open his eyes and meet us. Nor did he have the chance to feel the unconditional love penetrate through his very being.

This was a tragic day for my husband and I, as well as for our families. We organised a private funeral where Cody Alan was laid to rest.

A fleeting moment 

our chance to connect

my love was lost

when you were laid to rest.

Wrapped in a blanket

a bonnet on your head

these photos are all

that we have left.